Comprehensive IT consulting for any industry

Systems Architecture

A robust business platform relies on a firm foundation - a well designed stack of applications, scheduled services, and databases, that work together seamlessly.

A custom software suite amplifies the skills that make your team the best - and fills the gaps that off-the-shelf software can't address.

Agile Project Management

The best-laid plans are going to change - our team has keen experience chasing moving targets, and organize our projects to anticipate new ideas, leveraging technology that evolves just as fast as your needs do.

We're used to managing complex teams of contributors with diverse backgrounds, prioritizing the results your stakeholders expect.

Websites and eCommerce

An elegant website and striking marketing materials with a unified theme will cultivate brand recognition and customer loyalty. Our graphic artists, audio engineers, and technical writers will give your firm the makeover it needs to land the next big account.

Modern websites need to be responsive and accessible. We have the extensive experience necessary to deliver these.

Networks and Security

If you feel intimidated by certificates, cryptography, and the threat of ransomware, you're not alone. Actively protecting your systems is more important today than ever before.

Defense in depth means developing layers of security - firewalls, protocols, and policies that work in tandem to thwart intruders and keep your employees serving your customers while your competitors are still recovering from disaster.


New tools are most powerful and profitable when your employees look forward to working more effectively and creatively. This means teaching them more than just the rote basics, but also sharing the vision and excitement that keeps modern firms competitive.

Our professional trainers have taught classes in universities, public programs, and the private sector. Who better to unlock your employee's real potential?

Systems Administration

Yes, you can outsource your entire IT department to Expyram:

  • Help desk
  • Account management
  • Virtualization
  • Backups
  • Upgrades

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